"The result of an intensely personal, nuanced collaboration with the client."

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Alistair Fleming Design

"Meticulous translation of your vision"

Every bespoke kitchen created by Alistair Fleming Design is the result of an intensely personal, nuanced collaboration with the client. We take time to gain an in-depth understanding of your requirements regarding form and function, before embarking upon a design that will uniquely reflect your lifestyle and aesthetic.  

This meticulous translation of your vision allows us to create a subtle and yet highly refined design language that speaks to your unique desires as well as to your architectural surroundings. Much like the alchemy of cooking itself, our dedicated team of designers and cabinetmakers devote themselves to interpreting your ideas and transforming them into something truly exceptional.  

It is this exhaustive process of interpretation, evolution and refinement that stands us apart, allowing us to redefine and elevate the bespoke experience. Each handmade kitchen we make represents significantly more than the sum of its parts. It is a celebration of dedicated craftsmanship, the enduring beauty of natural materials, and the transformative power of great design. 

Alistair Fleming Heritage

Alistair Fleming Design

"Established in 1984, Alistair Fleming Design creates exquisite, handmade kitchens"

Established in 1984, Alistair Fleming Design creates exquisite, handmade kitchens, designed and built to our clients’ exacting requirements. With a background in traditional cabinet making, Alistair himself remains an intrinsic part of the business, leading a close-knit but highly accomplished team of designers and makers. 

Based in the historic town of Lewes, our studio and workshop bring together centuries-old craftsmanship with cutting-edge, innovative design. It is this often unorthodox approach that allows us to conceive truly remarkable spaces. Whether in relation to design, implementation or service, our aim is to transcend your expectations as we create an extraordinary, customised kitchen designed to your unique specifications. 

Inspired by contemporary architecture as much as by historic spaces, our designers are constantly seeking to break new ground via the use of pioneering materials such as high-performance laminates and fibreboards. These state-of-the-art surfaces often sit alongside traditional cabinetry made from timeless timbers such as oak and walnut, as well as a variety of exotic veneers.  

While taking a human-centred approach to design, our team often incorporates visually unexpected elements to delight and surprise the eye. A beguiling flash of copper behind a handle recess, for example, or dark oak shelves so simple they appear to float. These elements serve to elevate and enrich the visual experience.

As award-winning kitchen makers working regularly with some of the UK’s leading architects and interior designers, we also partner with prestigious brands such as Officine Gullo, Sub-Zero, Miele, and others.  

"Award-winning kitchen makers working regularly with some of the UK’s leading architects and interior designers"

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Alistair Fleming

Alistair Fleming Design

Founder & Director,

“I believe in a simple design aesthetic, grounded in function, that allows beautiful materials to shine. The result? A timeless kitchen which honours both the building it inhabits and the way you live your life.  Inspiration comes from you, the client. Redefining bespoke, we ensure that every detail of every kitchen we design is precisely tailored to our client’s requirements. Via close collaboration, we will create an entirely unique kitchen – one that is designed specifically for you and built to last for many years to come.”


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