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We pride ourselves in our process. It is one that has been developed and refined over 40 years to ensure you are involved and in control of every element of your project, whilst we take all of the hard work out of it.


During the first stage of our design process, your assigned designer will start work on the initial brief, getting to know your aesthetic tastes while bringing function, spatial needs and budget to bear on your proposed design. Your designer will gather detailed information about the space including requirements concerning the structural, electrical and plumbing aspects of your kitchen.


Your designer will create a digital 3D model of the proposed design for your kitchen, allowing you to visualise the layout and flow. Taking into account the age and architecture of your property, as well as your aesthetic preferences, we will select the most appropriate materials for your project. Our designers delight in using unorthodox finishes such as bamboo, sustainable plastics and innovative polymers alongside traditional timbers. Just one of the aspects of our approach that ensures no two Alistair Fleming kitchens are ever the same.


In this phase, we will refine the design as we develop detailed drawings and specifications while liaising with specialists, artisans and fabricators. Your designer will also finalise the choice of materials for your project, selecting only the highest quality wood, stone and metalwork.


Our team of highly skilled cabinetmakers will start work on your custom-made cabinets. Using a combination of traditional methods alongside cutting-edge contemporary techniques, our expert workshop team bring every element of your design to life. This meticulous care and attention to detail is just one of the aspects that makes an Alistair Fleming kitchen uniquely bespoke.


As soon as we can find an installation date that works for both parties, our expert team of in-house installers will start fitting your kitchen, ensuring all elements are executed to our exacting high standards. Your designer will be on hand during the installation process to ensure all aspects of the design are implemented as planned, and that any disruption is kept to a minimum.


We appreciate that natural materials move and small changes can occur after cabinets have been installed. Where possible, we will make our fitters and design team available to amend these in the early stages of completion.

Our Process

Alistair Fleming Design

A Deeper Look Into Our Process

At the heart of any meaningful relationship is the ability to listen. Here at Alistair Fleming Design, our willingness to understand and interpret our client’s distinct aesthetic preferences is a fundamental part of our creative philosophy. From our very first conversation with you, we will absorb your vision for your new kitchen, building a collaborative partnership which will form the cornerstone of our design journey. 

Our team of skilled designers will translate your ideas into an intuitive, highly nuanced design language – one that is sympathetic to your specific brief and to the architecture of your home. The result will be a compelling union of function and beauty; a truly unique kitchen specifically tailored to your distinct tastes and requirements. 

During the first stage of the design process, we will visit you on-site to gain an initial understanding of the key requirements for your new kitchen. As part of an evolutionary exploration, we will curate your ideas and amalgamate them with our own to establish the essence of your new kitchen design.  

In the ideation phase, we will bring your proposed kitchen design to life via 3D modelling, allowing you to visualise the layout and flow of your cabinetry and appliances. In close consultation with you, we will select the materials best suited to your design, choosing from reliable favourites such as oak, marble and brass, as well as cutting-edge contemporary finishes. 

Next, the team will refine your design, developing detailed drawings and specifications as well as liaising with carefully-selected engineers, artisans and fabricators. We will also ensure the design is fully compliant with all building regulations and requirements relating to health, safety and the environment.  

"Every single piece we design and make is unique."

With your approval, our expert team of cabinetmakers and metalworkers will then set to work making your cabinets, countertops and handles. Every single piece we design and make is unique – made by hand in our dedicated workshop with meticulous attention to detail.  

Our highly skilled team of in-house installers will then arrange a time to fit your kitchen, ensuring that all elements are executed to our specific and exacting standards. Your designer will be on hand throughout the installation process to ensure that every aspect of the design is implemented accurately and that any disruption is kept to a minimum.  

Once your kitchen is complete, your relationship with Alistair Fleming Design doesn’t end there. Your designer will visit you for a post-installation review to ensure you are entirely happy with every element of your new kitchen. Sometimes slight tweaks are required when movement occurs with natural materials such as our bespoke woods, for example. Any repairs are carried out promptly and efficiently by our dedicated team.  

At each stage of our process, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. Our wish with every single kitchen we design is to create a beautiful, beguiling and highly individual space that will delight you and your family for decades to come. 

"...we are committed to exceeding your expectations."


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