The Art of Contrast: Bold Color Schemes in Modern & Shaker Kitchens

January 2, 2024

Alistair Fleming Design

Subtle or bold colour schemes?

The Art of Contrast: Bold Color Schemes in Modern & Shaker Kitchens


The world of luxury kitchen design is continuously evolving, embracing boldness and sophistication. One of the most striking trends in recent years is the use of high-contrast color schemes. This design choice not only elevates the kitchen's aesthetic but also showcases a homeowner's unique style and personality.

The Power of Black and White

Black and white, the quintessential high-contrast pairing, creates a timeless and elegant look. This classic duo offers a canvas for striking accents and textures. In a luxury kitchen setting, black cabinetry against white marble countertops, or vice versa, exudes a chic yet bold atmosphere. It's not just about color; it's about creating a visual impact that leaves a lasting impression.

Bold and Beautiful

Moving beyond black and white, contemporary kitchens are also embracing deeper shades like navy and deep grey, often paired with crisp whites or neutral tones. For those with a penchant for something more daring, orange or teal can infuse life into the kitchen space. These colors, when used thoughtfully, can turn an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary one, making it not just a cooking space but a centerpiece of home design.

Design Tips

When incorporating high-contrast color schemes, balance is key. It's important to ensure that the colors complement rather than compete with each other. Using one color as a dominant base with accents in the contrasting color can achieve a harmonious look. For instance, a navy blue island can stand out against light grey cabinetry, creating a focal point without overwhelming the senses.


We have found that high-contrast color schemes offer a way to make a bold statement in luxury kitchen design. By carefully selecting and balancing colors, homeowners can create a space that is both visually stunning and a true reflection of their personal style, whether it be shaker, contemporary, or ultramodern.

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